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The Host by Stephanie Meyer
"Anger flashed through me, hot and wild. I gasped in surprise at the unexpected reaction. I'd heard of the emotional instability of these human bodies, but this was beyond my ability to anticipate. In eight full lives, I'd never had an emotion touch me with such force." (page 21)
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I haven't been to many concerts. In fact, the last concert I'd ever been to was Boyz II Men and Mary J. Blige and Montel Jordan. Yeah, it's been a loooooong time.

However, as soon as the recent winners of The Sing-Off, Pentatonix (YAY PENTATONIX) go on tour, I have got to see them live.

Pentatonix feat. Nick Lachey - Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) by 98
I had such a big crush on Nich Lachey back in the day. He still got it!

Pentatonix - Dog Days Are Over by Florence & the Machine
This is my absolute favorite performance of theirs. I could watch it over and over and I have.

Pentatonix - Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin
I love Janis J so when I heard they were doing this song I got a little nervous but they did it justice.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week's topic: Top Ten Childhood Favorites
The Get Along Gang Books
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.
I just found out this book was banned. Why exactly? I guess I will have to go back and read it as an adult to see what the big deal is.
Charlotte's Web
I read this book over and over.
Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic
I still have these books.
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
I still remember some of the stories from this book. I would read this then try to go to bed. Not too bright.
The Berenstain Bear Books
I pretty much had all of these also. Man, why didn't I keep my collection?
Value Believing In Yourself Story Louis Pasteur
The Value of Believing in Yourself: The Story of Louis Pasteur
I believe my mom still has this book somewhere.
The Babysitter's Club Series
I think I had most of these as well. I still have some.
Sweet Valley High Series
Same with these.
I read ALOT as a kid. Growing up like an only child in the 80's before cartoon network, you had to know how to entertain yourself.


Brittani said...

Great teaser! I loved The Host!

My Teasers: http://hopefaithbooks.blogspot.com/2011/12/teaser-tuesday-17.html


Jenni Elyse said...

I remember the Louis Pasteur book. I had completely forgotten about it until you posted it. Wow! What a walk down memory lane. I remember reading Helen Keller's and the Von Trapp family's stories with those books. (It was like pulling teeth to get me to do it, but I did.)

What's Beyond Forks? said...

Wonderful teaser!

Here's mine for this week: The Predicteds by Christine Seifert Thanks!
Gabby @ What's Beyond Forks?

LitzaLou said...

Pentatonix! I loved their version of Video Killed the Radio Star. Awesome! I was so glad when they won the Sing-Off... especially after my favorite group got robbed. Thanks for sharing some of their hits!

Anonymous said...

I think I still have all my Berenstain Bears books! They're so great. :)

Great teaser, too! I haven't read The Host, and was never too sure what it was really about, but it sounds interesting.


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