Book Review: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen 
Last year, Annabel was "the girl who has everything"—at least that’s the part she played in the television commercial for Kopf ’s Department Store.This year, she’s the girl who has nothing: no best friend because mean-but-exciting Sophie dropped her, no peace at home since her older sister became anorexic, and no one to sit with at lunch. Until she meets Owen Armstrong. Tall, dark, and music-obsessed, Owen is a reformed bad boy with a commitment to truth-telling.With Owen’s help,maybe Annabel can face what happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends.

I must say I have a new favorite. Not necessarily this book, but this author. I love her writing style. This is the first Sarah Dessen novel that I've read even though I know she has published a ton of books. I will be seeking out her novels from now on. Her writing style is so fresh and she keeps you interested from beginning to end. There wasn't a moment where I put this book to the side and believe me I do that alot!

Anyways, Annabel, the main character. I really did feel for that girl. I know what's its like to be the youngest child in the family and Sarah captured that perfectly. Her story was full, this isn't just a fluffy girl novel about pretty girls with boy problems, there are some serious issues in this book like eating disorders and sexual assaults. Most of the time though, I read begging Annabel to open up and any book that has me frustrated with a character wanting them to do something I want them to do is a GOOD book.

I liked Owen, I just found him a little too good to be true. I know he is reformed bad boy but some of the things that would come out of his mouth, I'm like, no teenage boy would ever say that. I think there was more of the author in him then a geniune character. However, I was rooting for him and his place with Annabel throughout the novel.

Overall, this was a very good book. I enjoyed every minute of it and like I said before I'm on in hunt for more of her novels based on this book. Check it out, I promise you will enjoy it too!


Hazal said...

Just Listen was my first Sarah Dessen and it began my love-affair with her books. It isn't my favourite, maybe my second favourite but if you haven't yet, read Lock and Key and/or Along for the Ride which are my favourite!

Kat C said...

I love Sarah Dessen-- I suggest reading her books in order because characters make appearanes in other books.

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