BDB Bookclub Questions - Lover Revealed

And now, this month's questions:
1. On a scale from 1-5, what would you rate this book? Briefly tell us why.  4.5! I was pleasantly suprised by this book. At first, I didn't want to read it because Butch wasn't one of my favorite characters but he definitely grew on me in this book.

2. A lot goes on with Butch in this book. What did you think of his past? And what about that revelation his mom makes at the end of the book? Do you think we'll ever discover who is Dad really is? I thought it explained a lot about him but more than anything it really made me feel sorry for the kid. Him not having the same dad made a lot of sense.

3. I had kind of foreseen Butch becoming a vampire, however, I did not see the lesser incident occurring. What did you think of Butch's encounter with the Omega? What about his abilities that stemmed from this incident? I thought it was a little weird but the fact that it gave him this interesting new power, I thought was awesome. However, for a while I thought it was going to kill him though.

4. We've never seen a new member inducted into the brotherhood... what did you think about this ritual? I like the ritual. It put him on the same level as the other brothers. He took one fore the team so to speak.

5. Speaking of rituals, what do you think about the mating ritual? It was detailed in the first book, but we've seen glimpses of it in each book since. I like the whole name on the back devotion thing. I tried to talk my hubs into doing that for me but he wasn't going for it. Ha ha.

6. Let's talk about John. We saw some pretty unusual behavior from him in this book. Most of it strengthened my idea of him being Darius... what do think? I love John and I can't wait to know everything about him. I like the few chapters in each book about him but I can't wait to read a book all about him.

7. We saw a lot of V in this book, which makes sense given his relationship with Butch. What do you think about those two being two halves of a whole? The Destroyer and the Savior? I loved this too. It linked them together in a different way. They are almost like real brothers to me (sexual tension aside).

It is getting harder and harder to answer these questions since I read the books months ago. Next is Lover Unbound which I've already read but that was were I stopped in the series. I guess I need to purchased the rest of the books so I can keep up with the group!

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