Today's Obsession: Couches

When I moved I decided not to take my couch with me. It was on its last leg and when you move somewhere new you want a new look. Right? Yeah, so now I'm looking for a couch (on a very limited budget). To me a couch isn't just a couch. It's a place of relaxation, warmth. The thing you day dream about while you are at work. I have a list of requirements. 1. Must be comfortable. I need to be able to curl up with a pillow, under a blanket and read my day away. 2. Must be sturdy. I have a 10 year old little boy who still has the imagination God gave him. Nuff said. 3. Must stain-guarded. I have a furry cat, a sloppy husband and that 10 year old I mentioned earlier. So between entering every giveaway at the Freedom Giveaway Hop (Ends today! Click here btw if you would like to enter some of the awesome giveaways) I have been scouring the internet looking for sofas. (*disclaimer: The pics below are mostly dreams. I can't afford the majority of these couches).

Ooo Purple. The hubs would not go for it.

This one either but pink! love.

Nice style, bad color.

Very Interesting.

This couch is so cool!

I want this whole living room.


I love this idea of this couch. You can pull it apart but you can also put it together and climb in. Love love.

Perfect for just me!

Ok, there isn't a couch in this pic but just look at all the books. Drool!

It's a big ole kitty couch!

Not cute but this is probably the most comfortable couch ever!

Sigh. I'm still no closer to finding a couch. For now I'll just have to keep reading on my bed.


Jenni Elyse said...

I love the purple couch and the red puzzle couch!

Sarah said...

I love the pixel couch! It's totally awesome.

We bought couches about a year and a half ago. It's such a hard decision.

Kelly said...

The last image of that beauitful couch, I was wondering where you go it from?

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