Book Review: This Girl is Different by JJ Johnson

This Girl is Different by JJ Johnson
This girl is different... That's what Evie has always told herself and it s true. Home-schooled by her counter culture mom, she's decided to see what high school is like for the first time for her senior year. And what a year it is.

As it turns out, it s not just Evie who is Different. Lots of people are. Many of her assumptions about others are turned on their heads as she makes friends with kids her own age for the first time, discovers what's good and what's bad about high school, and learns lessons about power and its abuse both by the administration and by Evie herself.

Reading this book is like watching a feel good movie. It starts good, the drama builds, you question 'how is she going to fix this' then it all comes together nicely in the end.

It was refreshing to have such a thoughtful, intelligent girl as the man character. Evie is awesome! Her vocabulary, her ideas, her naïveté. It's all perfect and very believable. Martha, her mom is the coolest. Although, I would have liked to have her explain why she called her Martha instead of mom. I love the way she meets Rajas and Jacinda in the beginning, the "non" rescue scene. I spent the first half of the book loving them both, then mad at them, then back to loving them. Rajas especially.

Martha's hippie philosophy as well as strong ideas about freedom of speech, oppression and the Man are throughout this book. However, it is a book that all young people could learn from especially on the topic of bullying and self-expression. I'm a sucker for a quote and each chapter begins with great quotes from great minds in history, including my favorite quote from Albert Einstein. Only problem I found myself liking Brookner, despite what he was doing. I couldn't hate him for some reason. It was weird. He  should have been a little more slimy, I guess. And Ms. Gliss was totally Sue Sylvester, all the way, track suit and all.

Overall, the book was very enjoyable. I would recommended it for any and everyone, especially teenagers. There is social activism, a little romance, parent/child relationships, environmental consciousnes and even a cool cow. What's not to love? Go read it. FIGHT THE POWER!

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