Book Review: Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward
Two hundred years: that's how long Rhage must bear the curse born of his reckless inconsideration. Sex and violence are all he once pursued; now they are the only things that keep the beast within at bay. He has little hope for finding peace during this existence, until Mary Luce enters his life. Irresistibly drawn to her light, he's pulled into a struggle with his own demons as well as the real enemies who threaten the vampire world and Mary.

Score number 2 for J.R. Ward in my opinion. I loved this book too. It didn't suck me in as fast as the first one, but I like Rhage's story. I usually tend to shy away from heavy subject matters such as terminal illnesses (personally, I don't want to think about real life issues when I read lately, paranormal is a good genre for me) and I was afraid that I was going to put this book down when I first found out about Mary's illness. However, Rhage and his curse issue overshadowed everything. I was so into Rhage during the book I wish there was an atcual picture of him and this dragon tattoo on his back. I have a my own mental picture. The love story between him and Mary was very emotional. I like that fact that I just knew it was a sad ending then I was surprised. The only thing I didn't really like was the whole dragon, beast thing falling for Mary, wanting to make love to her. That was kind of Ewww but I liked that it only listened to her and she was able to help him control it. Overall great story.

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