Today's Obsession: Warriors

Between reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series where everything is muscles and fighting to spending the weekend watching movies like Troy and Gladitor. I've had a warrior overload but I love it. I love the movies (and apparently the books) with these big strong fearless warrior men and these danty pretty but strong women. Love it.

Absolutely love her dress!
It's just something about these movies. Don't you agree?


Mayandree Michel said...

I totally agree. I watch them over and over and can't get enough.

Mandy Lum said...

NaKesha, we are sooooooooo much alike. I absolutely love Gladiator - one of my all-time favs! If Russel Crow were filming in New Orleans, I'd be stalking him :)

Mandy @ Embrace Your Oddities

Ing said...

I want season 2 of Spartacus like right now! I'm still bummed Andy won't be back and keeping my fingers crossed that the new Spartacus will live up to playing Spartacus!

Crixu...hmm yummy!

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