Author Interview: Mayandree Michel

I would like to welcome Mrs. Mayandree Michel to Totally Obsessed and thank her for taking time out of her schedule to answer some questions.

As this is your first released novel, what inspired you to write Betrayal?

I was inspired by many things. First and foremost I was inspired by many of the Greek myths. About two and a half years ago I started reading the myths again and the story of the Descendants was born. I’m also inspired by some of my favorite author’s works that I’ve loved over the years.

Greek mythology plays a large role in this novel, has this always been an interest of yours? How much research did you have to do for this book?

Greek mythology is the premise of my trilogy. I’ve enjoyed the myths since first being introduced to it in high school. I still have my old copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. I’ve read the Odyssey and the Iliad and they were both very essential to writing this book, but I actually didn’t have to research the myths as much as I had to research the Victorian era. I really didn’t have much knowledge of the time period, but always loved it. So I thought it’d be cool to incorporate both.

Is there a particular message you wanted to get out with this book? If so, what is that message?

Basically, things aren’t always what they seem. Everyone has a story, sometimes good, sometimes bad, no matter how wide their smiles are on the outside. Sometimes backstabbers come with wide grins. 

Who is your favorite character in Betrayal? Why?

I can’t choose. I love them all!

As an aspiring author I’m always looking for advice, do you have any advice for hopeful writers?

I don’t consider myself as resourceful with advice as I expect so many bestselling / veteran authors are. The advice I was given is what I’ll share. Read a lot, more than you write. Familiarize yourself with the genre you’re writing in, and never ever give up on your dream of becoming a writer / author - not even on the days you think you suck at it.

Do you have a favorite author? Who and why?

I simply adore Anne Rice, Edith Wharton, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, and Stephenie Meyer for their incredible talent to whisk me away to their made up worlds.

There are some pretty powerful people in Betrayal. If you could have any power or one of your characters power, what would it be and why?

I would love the power to stop time. The gods know that I could use a few extra hours to write.

Since this is book one of the trilogy, I know I’m eagerly awaiting the next book. Can you give us a little teaser, something to look forward to in book two?

Can you keep a secret? Yeah? Me too!

The cover of Betrayal is one of the first things that caught my attention. It is beautiful. Who designed it? Did you have a concept or idea for the cover?

As I wrote Betrayal I got the idea of how I wanted the cover to look. I had to have the forest, the Parthenon and Cordelia in the gold dress from the last scenes of the book, but I can’t take the credit for how wonderful it turned out. I have to thank my good friend Samantha Oyola for that.  (Click here to meet the model and designer of the cover.)

Random question.
 Other then writing, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Hmmm…besides writing? Sketching Victorian fashions is a close second.

Thanks Mrs. Michel for stopping by and I look forward to the release of book two! You know I'm  impatient, I could have used a teaser but I will just have to wait like everyone else! Thanks again!

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Coreena McBurnie said...

Thanks for the interview. I love Greek mythology and am looking forward to reading this book.

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