It's Monday....

and I've been slacking...um packing ....well, unpacking. Now blogging. This weekend I got to unpack 10 big boxes of books and restock my shelves. (BTW I totally got fussed out about the heaviness of the book boxes. I mean, but how can boxes of books not be heavy. I didn't know it was going to take two people to lift my boxes of books. Pffft!) Out of all the unpacking I had to do I swear unpacking my books was actually fun because I got to arrange the shelves, flip through books I haven't read in a while, get fussed at for taking 2 hours to unpack books. (Man, my hubs fusses a lot.) Anywhoo, that brings me to what I am reading this week. While unpacking I got stuck on Breaking Dawn. Now that the trailer is out for the movie I am super excited and I figure I need to brush up on the happenings in this book. So that's what I'm reading this week.

What are you reading?

Breaking Dawn Trailer. Can't wait for November 18th!

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