Book Review: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

In honor of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 being released Nov. 18th (YAY!! Three more weeks!) I've decided to review the Twilight Saga.

Twilight (Twilight, #1)
Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, Bella's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Up until now, Edward has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Bella, the person Edward holds most dear. The lovers find themselves balanced precariously on the point of a knife—between desire and danger. Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, Twilight captures the struggle between defying our instincts and satisfying our desires. This is a love story with bite.

I must admit although I'm a huge Twilight fan, this book didn't suck me in initially. In fact, I started it then put it down for a few months it wasn't until one of my friends said ,'OMG, you haven't read Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn, they are awesome. Girl, you have to read them!" Yeah, I was late to the party.

However, once I got into them, I got into them. Stephanie is great at character development. I felt like I knew Bella inside and out. So much so that I knew how she would respond to situations before they happened. Like the book or not, that is great character development. This book is written from Bella's perspective and I enjoy getting into the details of the characters everyday lives. It builds them up and makes them real. I enjoyed following Bella from her old life in AZ into not only this new city Forks but a whole new world (OK, that sounded very Disney but you get what I am saying).

However, I was never an Edward fan, not in Book One, not in Book Two, and so on. In fact, I've been Team Jacob from day one. It was something about Edward's attitude that was a turn off. He was just too perfect in Bella's eyes. I just wanted one moment for her to be like, 'maybe he isn't all that,' but it never happened. I understood her falling for the dangerous, weird, yet incredibly handsome vampire dude but he like 100 and something, he should have known better. I do understand how it would intrigue a young impressionable girl which is who we are dealing with here. You have to keep it all in perspective. As a teenager would I have been into that guy or the nerdy young son of my dad's best friend? I think not. Bring on the sexy danger guy.
 There was much debate about this book being antifemist or teaching the young girls the wrong lesson but this is just entertainment. This book was an entertaining beginning to a saga. It finally sucked me in and I read through all four back to back. This book did exactly what it should, it set up the characters very well, introduced the conflict, the angst, the drama then lead you to the next book. There wasn't a lot of action in this book but that is to be expected of a first book.

Conclusion, there are just as many Twilight lovers as haters. I'm in the lover category. I was entertained. I didn't dissect the grammar, sentence structure, writing style and all that. I just enjoyed the book for what it was. It's a sensation for a reason and I loved it!

If you would like see how Edward felt about Bella's arrival and their first encounters, click here to read partial Midnight Sun draft. It's Twilight written from Edward perspective. After reading that, I understand these two were made for each other. Check it out.

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