Are you a speed reader?

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I just realized that my book, The Darkest Mind, is due back to the library by tomorrow and I can't renew because there is a waiting list. I am current on page 90 of 488 pages. So I need to read about 400 pages in two days.

Can I do it?

I don't think I've ever read that much that fast. Other bloggers/vloggers list the number of books they read a week, a month and I'm like how. Am I a slow reader? How do you read 100 books a year? That's like two books a week? I don't get it. Is there a trick to it?

Anyways, I really want to finish this book. I could order it or go to the store and find it but right now I am planning to try to push through 400 pages in two days. Whew! My eyes are already tired but I accept the challenge!

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Eve Estelle said...

YESS. Oh my goodness, I follow quite a few book reviewers and I am just absolutely flabbergasted by the number of books that these people can get through in a week, a month, a year. I've just finished a reread of a series with 15 books that I was stuck on for about two years (granted, with a 6+ month break in there). I don't consider myself a slow reader, but I like to really absorb myself into the stories and I obviously don't know the trick of doing it quickly lol.

Love your blog, NaKesha! You post some things I don't typically see on book review blogs. :)

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