Where do you read?

(image from Apartment Therapy)

Me: In Bed
I mostly read in bed which is a very bad idea. I start reading then fall asleep then wake up pick my book/tablet up off the floor then start reading again just to fall asleep again. It is a vicious cycle. It greatly hinders my productivity.

Unfortunately, right now I do not have a big comfy chair or a specific area dedicated to read in. I live vicariously through all the images of the perfect reading nooks online.

If you are like me, you love to see the pictures of these cozy spaces with couches and pillows, tons of books and maybe a fireplace. Places and spaces I wish I had in my house. P.S. I have a Pinterest page dedicated to bookish spaces I wish I had in my house. Every time I come across these images I sigh, drool a little, maybe let out a silent tear or two overwhelmed by the comfort and beauty of books and pillows. Yes, I am that dramatic.

Of all these pictures of cozy room wishes, this is the one I most drool over:
I absolutely love this space! All that is missing are bookshelves lining that brick wall from the ceiling down. Wait, I think I can create that. Hold on....*skips off to photoshop****

Eh. That's better somewhat. Ok, so my photoshop skills aren't the best but you get the idea. This space is completely perfect. Perfet number of pillows, cushions, light and the little wooden area where the tea sits perfectly balanced. Yes. I love this spot. 
Share with me your favorite reading spot. It can be an actual spot you have in your house or a spot you wish you had in your house. 

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