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This weekend I hit up my favorite bookstore McKays . First, let me tell you about this place. When I first walked in this bookstore it was like a literary orgasm. Imgine a warehouse sized room with shelves and shelves of books plus movies, cd, video games. I was more interested in the books myself, my husband loves their video game collection. Anyways, the books, they have any and every book you can think of. You can take books that you have finished reading and get cash for them or store credit. You don't get much for selling your books though. They also have bargain sections where you won't pay more the $1.00 for a book. $1.00! When you are on a serious budget (like me) a $1.00 book is the best thing ever. I have a hard time walking away from a $1.00 book. I can't order a book from Amazon.com or buy one from Borders until I check McKays first. I usually go there twice a month, sometimes every weekend. This Saturday I had to go.

I finally got the first book of the Vampire Academy series. I have heard only good things about this series so I can wait to get started. I never heard of Doppelganger before. I read the back and it seemed interesting plus it was only $0.25. How could I not give it a chance. $0.25! I had to get Beautiful Darkness and have it ready. I'm impatient when it comes to certain things like book sequels and movie sequels, I need to be able to end one and pick up the other right away. Especially if the book is good. I had to get Cleopatra's Daughter. I'm interested in anything having to do with Cleopatra and Egypt. Slight obsession.

Anyhoo, I have a question for mothers. Is it wrong to use reading as a punishment? First, a little background. My son doesn't like to read. His reading level was low the beginning of the year so I've been making him read a hour a night and now he is on his grade level (4th grade). So he got in trouble for acting out in class and was grounded for the weekend. He couldn't watch TV or go outside and play. All he could do was read and do worksheets. I bought him Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he had to give me a book report by Sunday night, which he did. However, I wonder if I'm giving the wrong message. I want him to enjoy reading, to get into the books but since I know he doesn't like to read it is easy to make him go read a book instead of watch TV. So what do you think? Am I going to make my son hate reading? I hope not.


Bekka said...

I gave your blog the One Lovely Blog Award. Hop on over to my blog to get it.. =)

Theresa said...

I like the books that you got this week. I love going to the used books store. I also have the 1st book in Vampire Academy on my every growing TBR pile.

flashlight_reader said...

I do the exact same thing with my son, and I often wonder if I'm screwing up when I do it. He has to read 9 books a grading quarter and the lazy thing hasn't finished a single one that is on his level (with 3 weeks left in the grading period). I've found myself sending him to his room with only being allowed to read as entertainment.

I don't know if we're causing them to dislike reading or not. With my son, he likes certain types of books. So, if I make him go to his room, he tends to read the same books repeatedly. That's a plus, I guess. Of course, it's hard to find things he likes. Last summer I discovered the audio books at the library. He LOVED reading along while someone else read the book to him. Maybe instead of only allowed him to read when he's grounded, you can expand the "punishment" to all school related activities. Or would that make him dislike school? Parenting is so hard!

Cait said...

I love reading, however my brother and sister have never been fans. My parents never made them read, because they could both read well enough to do okay at school so obviously their situation is different from your son's.

I think your son *may* begin to associate reading with negativity, so maybe what you could try is set up a reward system for him? very much like the ones used to promote good behaviour in children, or to encourage them to do chores etc. When your son reads and then sums up a book he could get a gold star, and after reading a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time (whatever you think is appropriate) he could get a prize. This could be something small like an extra hour of tv a week, or something bigger like a new toy, or he could save his 'prizes' up to get something even bigger. maybe that way he'll associate reading with something good, and maybe even enjoy it.
My parents used to always take us to the library every week too. This was a nice family outing, so even my brother and sister enjoyed it if they didn't necessarily get any or many books. That may help too? Good luck! let us know how it goes

Aanchal @ Book Flame said...

aww you make him do book reports ..that thought has come across my mind for my kids but they are still to young ..on a serious level I have heard anything you use on a child as a punishment they usually grow up to despise when they are older and look at it as something negative. I know my parents gave me a similar punishment growing up - they would have me copy a whole entire book word for word write it down...I hated it but while I was copying the words I had no choice but to read the story and realized I actually liked the book as for my girls when they get older I've decided i'm going to have them copy the dictionary lol..in a few years i'll see how that goes

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