BDB Bookclub Questions - Lover Eternal

And now, this month's questions:
1. On a scale from 1-5, what would you rate this book? Briefly tell us why. 4, this book didn’t suck me in as fast as book one. In the beginning I was a little iffy about Rhage’s character.

2. Did you have an preconceived notions about this book given that we knew it would be from the point of view of a different brother? I did because I like Wrath’s story so much I wasn’t sure I’d like the other brothers the same.

3. What did you think of Rhage's transformations? I thought it was awesome, vampire dragon man? It sucked that he wasn’t able to control it and was afraid he would hurt one of his brothers but still I thought it was cool.

4. What did you think of Rhage and Mary's first encounter at the Brother's house? Did you foresee a relationship forming after this meeting?   I thought it was a little weird. Rhage reacted to her a little too quickly for my taste. She wasn’t a stand out character for me at that time.

5. Ward seems to like forcing her characters to make some hard choices. What did you think of Rhage's choice to save Mary at the end of the book? Would you do the same for someone you loved? It was a hard thing to do but a definite no brainer, he was saving her life. I definitely would without a doubt.

6. Do you think John will become a brother after his transformation? Yes, and for some reason I think he is going to be one of the toughest brothers yet.

7. Do you think Bella will become Zsadist's shellan? What, if anything, do you think this will do to Phury and Zsadist's relationship as a result given that Phury showed mild interest in Bella as well? Well, since I’ve already read Zsadist book I know the answer to this question. It is a little weird that Phury likes her too. I know they are twins and all but this whole bonding thing seems to be pretty serious so you would think that would squash any attraction that Phury has.

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