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Ok, I need to talk to someone about my favorite shows and their season finales before I burst. I don't really have anyone I can discuss these shows with IRL so I must take it to the net. These are in order of their importance to me. Let's discuss:

5. America's Next Top Model

Brittani won, Molly should have. Ok, Molly has a bad attitude but I think she is just a tough girl. She curses and complains alot but the girl takes the best pictures and can walk circles around Brittani. So I didn't really watch the whole finale, I just kind of flipped over at the end to see who won. (I just bought the whole Sex and the City series for $20 so I've been busy watching it.) I did watch all season though. Brittani just gets on my nerves a little. And anyways, Kasia was the prettiest of them all I thought.

4. Gossip Girl
This season of Gossip Girl was a little disappointing to me. I found myself falling asleep on it a lot. I love Chuck and Blair, it was most interesting when they were a couple and I wanted them back together but Blair already thinks she is a princess, why wouldn't she marry a prince? I didn't like that Chuck just gave her up in the end after he'd been trying so hard to get her back, that was lame. And I need to know what publisher Vanessa just walked into that easily, "where do I send the checks?" Really. It's just that easy to publish a book in NY? Ok. Nate bores me, so does Serena and I don't really care what Georgina is up to but they did some nice foreshadowing for next season. In fact, I'm very interested to see who is pregnant. Watch it be Dorodo again. I hope its Blair and Chuck! When is Jenny coming back?

3. Hellcats

I'm so sad this won't come back next season. It was cancelled and they had one of the best finales! I was really into Marti and her new sister (who happens to be her sister IRL). Their father called at the end and Marti ran off mad. I really really wanted to know if she was going to get to meet her father. Then the coach gets fired, I would have loved to see how that developed but where was Red during this whole thing? Isn't he the reason she got fired. Savannah handed over the captain reigns to Alice. Savannah's dad is still on the run. And aside from Nasty Kathy locking Lewis in the bathroom, this episode was really good. Maybe they will change their minds over the summer and bring it back. One can only hope!

2. 90210
Love Love Love Naomi and Max! But Naomi is pregnant? I couldn't believe it. I was shocked considering they had solved all their school problems (she was able to graduate and go to CU; Max's parents working out a way to possibly get him in MIT) now a baby. Can't wait to see how that works out. I thought it was sweet that Ivy married Raj even if its just because he is dying. I would have done it to. He's a nice kid. Dixon really needs to have something interesting happen to him. He has been in the shadows lately. Navid is boring too. Question though, how come there weren't any parents at graduation? I know these are rich kids but still. Adriana should have just walked right off the cliff. No, just kidding but her little speech about not giving up was just a little after school special. It's like now you want to teach the kids that suicide is never the answer (which it isn't) but what about stealing from dead people, drug tampering and teenage binge drinking? I guess that stuff is ok. Pffft. What is Annie going to do with her inheritance? How much was it exactly? I wonder is Liam coming back? See, this is what makes a great finale, having all these questions at the end. It makes watching the premiere a necessity. I guess the biggest question of the night was how could Teddy not like the male stripper? He was cute. Lol.

And #1 Vampire Diaries!

O.M.G. This show is quite possibly the best show on the air! You never know what is going to happen. I swear every episode I'm shocked about something. These writers have no problem killing off someone. They will do it in the blink of an eye. Jenna died, not in the finale, but she was sacrificed. I totally didn't expect that. Anyways, I never thought they were going to kill Damon, I knew they would come up with a way to save him but watching Stefan drink all that blood to amp himself up to go on a killing spree with Klaus, wow. I love Damon, glad Stefan saved him and all but I'd hate to be one of those unfortunate humans that run into Klaus and Stefan while they are binging on people. Plus Stefan is leaving, which means he is leaving Elena which means Elena and Damon are going to get all close and lovey, I hope. I don't know why but I want those two together. I'm glad that Caroline's mom stopped all her dumbness and accepted her daughter for what she is now. I really hope that Caroline leaves Matt alone for good and get with Tyler. I want them to have little vampire werewolf babies! I love Bonnie, she could do no wrong in my eyes. And Jeremy sees dead people now. Hmmm, I hope dead Vicki isn't going to mess up Jeremy's relationship with Bonnie. So what happens now with Katherine? Is she just gone for good? I liked all the mischief she caused. What is Alaric going to do now? What about Elijah? I really felt bad for him. I'm so sad that this show is over for the summer and I can't wait for the season premiere this Fall. I will be ready, popcorn popped, deep in the couch, ready to watch!

Please comment on any or all of these shows. What did you think about the finale(s)?

At least I have three shows to look forward to this summer:

I have to have my HBO back by June 26th. CAN'T WAIT! CAN'T WAIT! CAN'T WAIT! Check out the trailer for the new season.

Mmmmmmmmm. Did I mention that I CAN'T WAIT?


Pretty Little Liars will be back June 14th. Maybe we will finally find out who A is. And So You Think You Can Dance will be back this summer too. I just love this show.

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Bree said...

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. I watch with my daughter so we always DVR it because of our conflicting schedules and still haven't had a chance to watch the first 2 shows. Urgh. She will be gone all summer starting next week so I'll have to recap/discuss show with you. Yeah.

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