Today's Obsession: Boxes

Yup, I'm moving. I'm excited but I'm also annoyed. I hate packing. HATE HATE HATE it. No, packing is fine. Moving boxes into a truck and unpacking is what I hate. Packing you find things you thought you lost ages ago. Plus it gives you an opportunity to throw away stuff you no longer need. So tonight we are having a packing party. Everyone gets a room, some boxes and a trash bag. Also, we are moving from a house back to an apartment. I've been living in a house for the past 5 or so years and I am looking forward to 24 hour maintenance, swimming pool, a new location, cheaper rent. Anyways, I'm surrounded by boxes.

I wonder how many boxes of books I will have once I'm finished packing?

He's got an idea. This would definitely save on Uhaul expenses!

Aww, Carrie and Big. I remember this episode.

Packing would be so much more fun if I had such pretty boxes.

All calm and serene. Its never like this in real life.

I wonder how many boxes of shoes I will have?

I promise by the end of next week I will probably look like this!


Bree said...

I moved from house to apartment last May. You accumulate so much crap living in a house. We shed tons but still have more to go. Good luck with your move.

A Backwards Story said...

Very cute post! It had me giggling. I'm with you! I hated moving every year in uni and then moving back in. And I did it for five years! I'm going to be happy to move into my own place again (due to the economy, I'm back with my mom....), but will dread packing/moving. Esp. the books!!! But I look forward to being able to buy new/more bookcases since mine are full....and only equipped for kiddie books, lol!

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