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Question: Inspired by the inane twitter trend of #100factsaboutme, give us five book related silly facts about you.
  1. I will never buy a e-reader. The idea of staring at a screen to enjoy a book is not my cup of tea. Aside from reading the first chapter of a book online to decide if I want to purchase a book, I will stick with paper and ink. 
  2. I can only read one book at a time. If I find another book interesting, I will stop reading the one I'm reading and come back to it later.
  3. If I'm not hooked by the first paragraph, I usually don't read the book. Unless I have to.
  4. I'm a book hoarder. I love buying books and putting them on my shelf. I can't pass up a book that is like $1 or $0.25. I'll buy it and figure if I don't read it someone will.
  5. I like silence when I read. No TV, no music. I usually wait until everyone has gone to sleep and stay up late reading in bed.
I can't wait to read everyone elses facts.

(Ugh, I can't remove that damn highlighting I put on there by accident! )

If you could physically put yourself into a book or series, which one would it be and why?
I have to go back to my childhood on this one. I always wanted to be a part of the Babysitter's Club.
 I loved The Babysitter's Club series. I think I read every single book. It was the first series that I read and I wanted so much to be their friend, hang out in there neighborhood. They had the best adventures! Of course, it doesn't have the same appeal now that I am an adult but I just remember wanting to be a part of their club so bad when I was a kid.


Anonymous said...

You are the only other person I have seen so far, besides me, that picked The Babysitters Club!! I so wanted to be Kristy!!

Neri said...

I can only read one book at a time too! I feel like that's the only way to really enjoy the story, besdies I tend to start mixing up storylines. I also wait til everyone goes asleep to read! :)

Emily said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who wanted to be part of the Babysitter's Club as a kid!

Jenni Elyse said...

eInk on the Kindle doesn't feel like you're looking at a screen at all. It feels like reading a physical book. I was very against eReaders for a long time. But, then I saw my friend's Kindle and decided I wanted one. Now that I have one, I love it.

Alison said...

Hopping through. I'm with you on the BSC. I'd love to be a member of the club.
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