Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

Yesterday, I drug my husband to the movies to see Red Riding Hood. I haven't read the book yet. It is still on my wish list. At first I was a little worried. The movie started kind of fast and the dialogue was a little shallow and predictable. However, it got better especially once the priest arrived in town, that's when things really got good. Overall, it was a good movie with quite the twist. I thought I knew who the wolf was in the beginning but I was wrong.

I have a question though for those who have seen the movie. However, I don't want to give the movie away for those who haven't. So if you have seen the movie (or read the book), you know who the wolf is. If you were Valerie, what would you have done in the end? Just answer kill or change. Me and my husband were discussing this as we left the theater. He said he wouldn't have killed, he would have changed. I don't know. Given the circumstances I probably would have changed too.

Aywhoo, during the movie there were a few technical difficulties with the sound. It only lasted a little while and it didn't really take from the movie. We could still understand what they were saying, the dialogue was just lower than the background music and side effects. Nevertheless, as we were leaving the theather, management gave us all free tickets to another movie! Yay! The hubs wants to go see Rango. I'm not really feeling it (even though Johnny Depp is my absolute favorite actor) but he did sit through Red Riding Hood and I Am Number Four with me. So I guess I will be going to see Rango!


LindsayWrites said...

love this movie! i would have gone with the "wolf" in the end and just let him change me!

Cari said...

Wow I thought the movie was a fail :-\ but I saw it after Beastly which I loved.

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