Fun on Sunday

Fun on Sunday is a new meme from Embrace Your Oddities.

Who/What is your favorite...
  1. Author? William Shakespeare (oh, to be able to write like that)
  2. Book? Coming of Age by Lorri Hewitt (this was the book that sparked my love of reading when I was 12).
  3. Actor/Actress? Johnny Depp/Halle Berry
  4. Movie? Because I Said So
  5. Musician/Band? Evanescence
  6. Song? Summer Rain by Carl Thomas
  7. Color? Purple
  8. Piece of Clothing? Pink hoodie with gray hearts
  9. NFL/College football team? Denver Broncos!! (followed closely by Pittsburg Steelers)
  10. Food? Mexican
  11. Restaurant? Las Maracas
  12. Name (boy & girl)? Sophia (girl), Constantine (boy)
  13. Thing to do when it is raining? Nap
  14. Vacation Spot? Anywhere close to the beach
  15. Item you own? My Laptop
This was a fun meme! I'd like to know more about you too, fill it out and link in comments.


Mandy Lum said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love Evanescence too - Amy Lee is amazing! But we might have to fight about the football question - the Steelers? Seriously? Ahhhhhhh! J/K, at least there is another football fan out there.

Have a great week!

Mandy @ Embrace Your Oddities

Bree said...

More power to you for liking Shakespeare. I have never been able to get into his work.

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